Keaton Henson at The Cinema Museum & ‘Kronos’

Last week I had the absolute pleasure to see Keaton Henson perform a very rare show at The Cinema Museum in Kennington, London. A truly amazing live experience. The setting was perfect for Keaton. We were surrounded by an array of quirky vintage film memorabilia in a beautiful old cinema. The stage was tucked in the corner of the room dappled with delicate lighting, and a miss-match of old cinema furniture was arranged for us all to sit back and enjoy the show in comfort. WALL provided an excellent warm up for Keaton with their synthy shoe gaze pop. Check out Magazine and No Secrets. Keaton took to the stage accompanied by a superb cellist and delighted us with a selection of songs from his new album as well as the breathtakingly beautiful ‘You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are‘ from his debut album Deer. Although Keaton is painfully shy, and clearly performs though an element of stage fright he manages to charm the audience with his warm sense of humor. Often poking fun of himself and his many songs about ‘females’, it seems to be his way of breaking the ice and feeling at ease with his audience. Throughout the performance, Keaton sang every word with pure heartfelt honesty, that many could clearly relate too with a few people shedding a tear at his beautiful lyrics. One of the highlights of the evening for me was when The Staves took to the stage with Keaton to perform a couple of songs. Having written about video of them performing ‘Icarus’ together , I had hoped since then we would see this performed live……and it was certainly didn’t disappoint. Just stunning.

Keaton took everyone on a journey through this performance. This really wasn’t your regular run of the mill gig. True care and attention was taken to give the perfect setting for Keaton to deliver his unique gift which is his extraordinary talent. Someone mentioned to me after the show that our generation (i’m the same age as Keaton… the under 30’s!) doesn’t have anyone else like Keaton that could go on to be the next Dylan or Nick Cave. Keaton has the potential to outlive us all and go down in history as one of the most influential and defining musicians of the 21st Century…..there you go. I said it.

In stark contrast, you can check out Keaton’s last video ‘Kronos‘, which is the first track to be taken from his new EP, ‘Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us‘ released November 6. This has already been debuted on by Zane Lowe on Radio 1 as his hottest record in the world right now, and will certainly catch some of you off guard with the direction Keanton has taken this track in. Take a look below, and watch out for monsters.


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