THUMPERS ‘Sound Of Screams’

This week we sent to see some fireworks in Wimbledon. Aside from being woefully unprepared for how deep the mud would be in the park, we ooohhh’d and aaahhhh’d like excited kids. Whilst watching the array of exploding colours it reminded me of a music video I had briefly watched a week or so earlier, so I made a mental note to revisit said video to remind myself what I had seen and heard. It has been 2 days since I made that mental note and have decided to make proper notes from now on, as our featured track today is awesome and deserved to be talked about sooner. So, without further ado, may I introduce THUMPERS. A London duo made up of Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr (two thirds of defunct indie-popsters Pull Tiger Tail) Since then, John went on tour to drum for Noah and the Whale and John fell in love, fell out of love and went to South America. Through these up and down times, I’m pleased they found their way back to each other to create some excellent new music (not before John hit the road again, this time with Friendly Fires….but that’s a long story) Earlier this year, they managed to find just enough time to record a brilliant debut single ‘Sound Of Screams’. This track is a pretty magnificent masterclass in writing a big indie-pop song that lures you in with lush anthemic chords, samples and harp chimes whilst simultaneously smacking you round the head with a powerful and solid beat which boldly holds together throughout the track. Building all the way through with lush vocal layers, harmonies and flowing synth arpeggios this track can transport you from a cold and dark London to West Coast California in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. There are definite reference points with the likes of MGMT, Teachers ‘Gold’ and The Big Pink ‘Dominos’, but somehow these two lads from London make this sound their own and unique to them. Which is why it seems apt that their video (which we also think is pretty rad) is of a ‘catherine wheel’ firework explosion. Listening to this track is like strapping a rocket to your back and facing it at the sun. It’s going to be a good ride with THUMPERS, and I’m sure even better things to come. If you’re lucky enough to live in Bristol, they will be playing Fear Of Fiction Festival this weekend. Go see ‘em.


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