Civil Twilight ‘River’

Here at ANEKO we try to feature a range of music from as far and wide as possible, and not niche ourselves to only championing British music (although it would be easy enough to do this!) And today is definitely no exception, with the majority of this band hailing from South Africa…..however, now residing in Nashville. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing, Civil Twilight. Three parts South African and to one part Nashville, they are releasing their UK debut ‘River’ on 19th November through Wind Up Records. Although many on UK shores may be unaware of this band they have already notched up some serious support slots in America with likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Flaming Lips to which they have accrued a strong online following. This live experience certainly comes through on record as the musicianship and songwriting is confident, together and well constructed. ‘River’ is an apt name for this track, as the song ebs and flows like the mighty Cumberland River itself (we cheated this knowledge of Nashville rivers with a quick Google search) This track presents a sense of calm with underlying drive and power. Lead singer Richard Wouters, gives a confident vocal performance with great range, showing Thom Yorke qualities in his falsetto whilst delivering lyrics with depth and nostalgia. This a track that constantly feels like its going somewhere with its tight driving drum beat given a great sense of urgency, yet we are delivered a warm chorus that’s hooky enough to have us humming it after only one listen. With references being given to Thom York and Jeff Buckley on the vocal performance, overall you could file this band comfortably next to Death Cab….which certainly isn’t a bad thing!  There are no UK dates in the diary as yet, but we have been assured some will be announced very soon for 2013. I’m sure when they do arrive on our fair shores they will be greeted with open arms and all who hear them will flock to their shows. I for one will certainly be there when they do.

You should also check out this brilliant remix by Ra Ra Riot


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