Molly Beanland ‘Night Dreams’

So, after a pretty brilliant weekend of East London markets, good food, too much to drink and endless wandering in the crisp Autumn weather I was looking forward to an epic nights sleep on Sunday to see me fresh into a new week. However, a deep slumber was illusive and my brain whirred for hours going through everything I have to get done this week. Taking the opportunity I wrote down a few ‘to do’ notes, of which this is was one of them, and aptly (or ironically) the unbelievably good track I wanted to write about was called ‘Night Dreams’ …….go figure. However, I’d willingly trade in sleep to listen to any new music as good as this little gem, which I am happy to make my featured track on ANEKO. I’d like to introduce you to Molly Beanland who is the brilliant talent behind ‘Night Dreams’. A gorgeous glittering 80s influenced ‘synth pop’ track that takes the best parts from said era and brings it bang up to date with smart production from New Yorker, Skruncha-Roo (aka, Kyle Vento, also definitely worth checking out) Molly’s vocal ability is delicate and controlled yet forthright and strong in delivery between the verse and chorus giving great dynamics to the track as a whole. Effortlessly soaring above the beautiful layers of synths, chorus effect guitars and Bon Jovi worthy drum beats drenched in glorious reverb. The song writing is something Stock Aitken Waterman would be proud of as an 80s classic, but would never come near capturing the credibility of the what Molly delivers as a songwriter. Lyrically and melodically smart, this song really takes you somewhere from start to finish. There are definite elements of Kate Bush in Molly’s vocal performance with the overall sound akin to Coctea Twins, Sia and ‘A Real Hero’ by College Ft Electric Youth. Having done a quick search to see who else has written about Molly, I was surprised to see only a few had picked up on this. However, I’m sure it won’t be long before the big guns of the blogosphere are tuned in, sharing the word with the rest of the world…..having seen Paul Lester follows Molly on Twitter I’d hope to see ‘A Band Of The Day’ on the horizon too. No live shows announced as yet, but Molly has already invited us to see her live in 2013 which we hope will mean some dates soon! In the meantime, take a listen to ‘Night Dreams’ below and the equally brilliant ‘Electric’ (it was a tough decision which track to write about!) Enjoy being part of the brilliantly talented secret that is Molly Beanland before word gets out. It’s really only a matter of time.


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