Ajimal ‘I’ve Known Your Heart’

© Ian West

It’s been a busy for days at Aneko Media filled with meetings, and building our new website which is our reason for being a bit slow on writing a new blog! However, it has given us some good time to listen to plenty of new music of which we look forward to featuring here. One artist in particular we feel is well overdue a mention. Earlier this year, I was sent a track by a friend of mine called ‘Footnote to Love’. A beautifully haunting piece of music that has featured quite prominently as one of my favorite tracks of the year. Fast forward to last week and I discover there is some more brilliant music to hear in the form of a live session, which over night took this musician to the Brixton Electric to support Lucy Rose. It’s  this song I want to bring to you all today and announce with pleasure our featured artist, Ajimal.  With a name inspired by a Haitian witchdoctor, Ajimal is the solo project of Newcastle’s Fran O’Hanlon. As quoted on his website a collaborative ‘in-ear experiment’ with the aim of writing about the interplay between ideas from music, medicine, art, ideas, literature, science and stories.” Some apt references here, as Fran is currently studying medicine in Edinburgh, which means he’s possibly 99% more intelligent than the majority of the music industry. Under his pseudonym, he has already garnered some high praise since ‘Footnote To Love’ appeared online in February. Not only were the blogs getting on board early but also the likes of 6 Music, Amazing Radio, XFM and Huw Stephens at Radio 1 all wanted to show their support. As a radio plugger myself, I know this level of success isn’t easy to come by in the early stages of promotion, and is only delivered on the back of exceptionally strong music. ‘Footnote To Love’ was certainly no fluke, after hearing the stunning session Ajimal did for The Blank Sessions with guests Tessera Skies. A new track by the name of ‘I’ve Know Your Heart’, is achingly beautiful, and could warm the coldest heart in this wintery weather. It almost seems wrong to dissect it and talk about it’s structure and melody when really as a piece of art in it’s own right it stands alone regardless of review or opinion. Fran is a superb songwriter, singer and musician. You only have to listen to the way he uses his vocal range to create dynamics, or the polyrhythmic piano arrangement in the song to understand that Fran is quite an exceptional artist. With a mix of references between Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, Guillemots & Bon Iver (sorry to reference him again!) Ajimal will hopefully soon be soothing hearts, minds and souls to a much bigger audience.


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