Mura Masa ft Shura ‘Love For That


As a blogger there is a constant desire to write about music that is undiscovered, and have the kudos of being the first on something. However, there is also a huge pleasure for me to support and shout about music that is just plain brilliant, irrelevant of previous success. Case in point is Mursa MasaLove For That‘ ft Shura. Now, Mura Masa may be a relatively new name to some of you, but nearly 20 million will be aware of Shura going by the astonishing amount of views her début single ‘Touch‘ has received on YouTube.

Mura Masa, aka, Alex Crossan is a writer, artist, producer, building quite a name for himself at the ripe old age of 19. With over 127k follows on Soundcloud and millions of streams he has made quite an impact, already working with the likes Nao and Deni Moore. However, the joining of Shura and Mura deliver something altogether more beautiful and organic. Not something I would have necessarily expected when these two were put in a room together to make a track. However, bearing in mind Shura’s equal ability as a producer, something brilliant was always going to emerge. Strings, bells, flutes and glocks support the movement of the track through soft ebbing verses, to more bass driven choruses. Not to mention an epic middle 8 for good measure. Shura’s vocal performance is always on point. From glass like fragility to assertive yet restrained power, their talents are merged seamlessly in this track. Take a listen below and get on the Mura Shura Massa bandwagon.


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