Ben Hobbs ‘Sweet Enough’

Ben Hobbs Sweet Enough

Looking back through artists we’ve written about, it’s rare that we get the chance to feature their first single. This may be because it takes time for an artists music to penetrate through the huge amount of other releases , or just because it takes time to bed in and find its way to our ears. What’s even rarer is to find an artist whose debut releases is strong enough to cut through the noise. It often takes a few attempts, however, in the case of Ben Hobbs, he might have just nailed it in one fell swoop. His name might be one that is pretty new to most of you. With just over 200 likes on Facebook, it’s definitely early days. However, shimmy on over to Spotify and you’ll see Ben has racked 66,000 listeners (and counting) in under 2 weeks on his subtly anthemic single ‘Sweet Enough‘.

Influenced by great pop artists from Bowie to CHVRCHES, ‘Sweet Enough‘ is a concise and dynamic introduction to Hobbs’ talents. All self produced, Ben Hobbs has been able to create a sound that has the weight of a recording more akin to that of well established bands such a Kodaline or Half Moon Run. Ben is no tame singer songwriter if this first single is anything to go by. Thudding drums, shimmery guitars and hooky chorus give this a much bigger feel. More so than any other solo male I can think of right now.

We definitely look forward to hearing more from this guy. Check out the single below.

‘Sweet Enough’ is available now to stream on Spotify and download from iTunes.


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