CHINAH ‘Minds’


The view from Aneko is one of stormy rain and and churning seas. I like days like this. There’s something about the grey light and relentless rain that gives a certain indulgence when listening to music. No distractions, which is perfect when working our way through new releases. One in particularly I have been looking forward to featuring since a tip off last week lead me to this band from Copenhagen. It was definitely worth the wait to feature the brilliant new single ‘Minds‘ by CHINAH.

A song they describe as, “being all about honesty and of capturing that moment when you vividly feel something even though you’ve come to terms with it.  Lyrically and melodically, it tackles frustration and desire as emotions“. Like with previous offerings online they were wrote from their small apartment bedrooms in Copenhagen.

Minds‘ was apparently part inspired by a Rihanna song, however, I feel they have well surpassed her with this well structure electro pop offering. More akin to the likes of Shura and Kacy Hill, there is a powerful fragility to Fine Glindvad’s vocal supported by a future R&B beats and warm melancholic synths. Perfect for my indulgent rainy day.

Minds along with previous singles Away From Me and We Go Back are set to form apart of the band’s eagerly anticipated debut EP available to buy via label No.3 in January.
For now, we suggest you give into the rain, put your headphones on and get lost in the beautiful sounds of ‘Minds’.

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