Victoria | Interview

Victoria the edge

We’re stoked to have VICTORIA featuring as our first interview ahead of their support show with Newton Faulkner on the 22nd November at The Old Firestation in Bournemouth.

First off, can you introduce yourself. Who you are and what your roles in the band is.

Joe Housley – Vocals
Charlie Martin – Piano
Harry Johnson – Bass
Chris Moore – Drums
Alex Thomas – Guitar

Can you give us a little insight to how the band came about, and how you ended going under the name Victoria.

Alex Charlie and Harry all met in school and moved to London with another band, but while we were here our old singer decided he didn’t like London and left.  After that we found Joe by chance online and it seemed like a perfect fit. Charlie played drums at this point but as the music developed with joes influence we decided it would make more sense for him to play piano. We knew Chris from other bands back home and he luckily was also in London session drumming. Thus Victoria was born. 

Clash magazine recently compared you to the likes of CHVRCHES and Prides, but who do you see your musical peers and inspiration.

We take huge inspiration from bands like Coldplay, Keane and One Republic. 

We very much enjoyed your last single Summertime. How how this summer been for you? Any highlights?

That track got played on Made In Chelsea which was a cool moment for us as the audience is huge and the music curation is amazing. 

You’re currently on the road supporting Newton Faulkner. How did this come about? 

We’ve played a couple of charity gigs with him before and done some writing with him also. He is one of the loveliest chaps you’ll ever meet. Everyone should pick up his new album.

Is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to playing or returning to?

Bournemouth is actually one we’re really excited for as the majority of us are originally from the south west so we’ve got quite a lot of family and friends coming down!

We look forward to having you all in Bournemouth. Have any of your visited, partied or played here before? 

Harry played for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra once.

We see that you’ve got a new single out. What can you tell us about it?

It’s called The Edge and it’s available on YouTube and all major digital stores. Please go and check out the video as we got really wet filming it.

Finally, whats the best bit of advice you’ve received as a developing band that you could pass on the others trying to make waves in this industry.

Korda Marshall told us that to succeed you have to be truly original in your music as if you try to emulate what is currently successful, you’ve already missed the boat. We try to live by that and aim to create music that we love.

You can catch VICTORIA on tour with Newton Faulkner until the end of the November. So we suggest you don’t waste any more time and get your tickets now!


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